Rocky 8 native SAS support?

I was pursuing the website and reading various topics. I do see they have Drivers for mptsas and mpt3sas. I have some IBM Blade hardware which uses mpt2sas. But my question, does the base Rocky ISO have native SAS support? I would be trying to load bare metal boxes and cant run a OS boot ISO to load the OS and a Driver disk at the same time. Typically, we loadup a box via ISO image ( USB stick ) and then apply drivers after the fact… But I’m not sure we can load an OS on the IBM server since the only drives they have are SAS. I believe Red Hat abandoned native SAS support when it went to ver 8. I’m thinking Rocky did the same? it appears we could add the drivers later, but i would need them at the time of OS installation. appreciate in advance for any insights folks can share.

First, can you get lspci -nn of that controller? The device ID does help in answering questions.

Second, does the machine have network connectivity? It is possible to define the Driver disk as URL, if the installer can activate the network.

Besides, only one USB port? If you had two, then you could have the driver disk on second USB stick.

Rocky is built from the sources of RHEL. Therefore, Rocky does not “do the same”; it “has the same” – bug for bug compatible with RHEL means same set of drivers in the box.

@jlehtone thanks for the fast reply. here is the controller.

0b:00.0 SCSI storage controller [0100]: Broadcom / LSI SAS1064ET PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS [1000:0056] (rev 10)

yes, the devices will have network connections. Interesting idea defining the driver disk as a URL.
these blades have 4 logical USBs, but as they are blades in a chassis, they dont have their own physical USB, they connect to a tray in the chassis for access to a USB… i think there is just one… but will need to look into that.

thanks again. I didnt know about the sources… so i think the short answer is no, Rocky won thave native SAS support, long answer, that might not be a show stopper… we just need to be more creative with our loading solution.

Cheers! off to play a bit…


The ELRepo | DeviceIDs says that 1000:0056 is supported by ‘kmod-mptsas’ ELRepo package.
The ELRepo seems to have package kmod-mptsas-3.04.20-8.el8_7.elrepo.x86_64.rpm for el8.7 (i.e. Rocky 8.7).
ELRepo has DUD images too. For example, one mirror: Index of /dud/el8/x86_64

Alas, there is no el8_7; only up to el8_6. You have to contact ELRepo to check what is up with that: My View - ELRepo Bugs

One more thing:
If you do succeed in installing with ELRepo’s driver, then do dnf install elrepo-release
– you do need access to ELRepo’s repo after install too.

Looks like there are other missing el8_7 DUD images. We will look into this.

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dd-mptsas-3.04.20-8.el8_7.elrepo.iso will show up on the mirror sites shortly.