Rocky 8.6 server spontaneously rebooting

I’m having a problem on a Dell PowerEdge T640 server running Rocky 8.6. It has started rebooting, unprompted, once every one or two days. Dell support claims there’s nothing wrong with the server, and it must be the OS (which is “unsupported”), but I can’t find any shred of evidence that the OS boots itself.

I’ve checked /var/log/messages for any signs of OOM killing or similar, no dice.

Anything else I can check?

Check for temperature as well, may be a faulty fan or bad heatsink contact.


I had a similar problem. I’m using a VMWare virtual machine. I checked he RAM. I’d given it 2GB, but After installing several things, the memory was too low. I changed it to 4GB and no further problems. It’s still a bit sluggish. I might allocate 6GB. I think it depends on what’s running.

Thanks, this is not a virtual machine and it has plenty of RAM.