Roadmap and project mangement/technical lead

Is already someone working an a roadmap?

i feel like we need one, as well as a vision how everything should look like.

right now many discussion in the forum feel like buzzword bingo and people giving there 5 cents (no offense).

i guess it would make sense to identify people, who have the experience bootstrapping and operating such environments. so they can lead the discussion on what is needed, when it is needed, and how it should be done.

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Whatever gets done, it needs to go into the code repos with justifications/decisions documented for future generations, so changes can be also justified similarly.

So yes, identify people, make them contributors to a roadmap repo that publishes their decisions as a static page.

This is something Taylor and I are working on along with Rob.

We all have full time jobs and families, but I promise we’re working to get information out. It’s really sporadic right now and we’re doing all we can.

Let me know how/what to bring to the table to get this work party started. I have experience building packages (mock) and yum repo mirrors (also the orphaned i686 for 7) . Who is Team lead?

Awesome @robertgx! Happy to have you here.

Myself and @tgmux are the “Infrastructure Managers” which is I believe what the official ish name is. Check out the github @ and the other repos to get involved! also come join on slack (links on if you haven’t already.

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@schlitzered - Apologies for the shortness of this (quoted) message. It was not meant as a jibe at anyone in particular, but just to explain that things are moving quickly and there are conversations happening all over the place. I agree it’s not great… but there’s little that can be done. The project is experiencing such rapid growth.

Please, we do want your input and comments. Especially like here:

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I have experience managing and deploying infrastructure, builds, and automation from corporate jobs first at SoftLayer and now at … another major IBM acquisition.

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