The documentation team is having a "who's doing what" meeting, and you're invited

Hi everyone,

The Rocky Linux documentation team (we usually hang out over at #rocky-documentation on Slack) is having an online meeting to decide who’s working on what. If you’re at all interested in contributing to our documentation efforts, you have about a week to sign up for the meeting here: Rocky Linux Documentation Assignments - When2meet

When we’ve chosen a time, I’ll update this post with the link to the meeting.

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Thank you! I’ve created a subcategory for documentation and moved this.

Thank you! Having a section for documentation efforts is great.

Great! I‘m in if it is not Midnight @WET.

UPDATE: The meeting is set for Wednesday the 20th, at 22:00 UTC, or 4PM Central. We will be meeting at this Jitsi link:

Awesome! It’ s midnight here at that time but will attend

Thank you!

Please hover the below dates for some additional timezones:

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That is awesome thanks

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Just one more reminder for everyone. Meeting’s today. You can already sign up for specific roles via this form: