Rhel8 vs rocky8

If someone can share RHEL8 VS ROCKY8 table format comparison? (example Amazon prime vs Non Prime… or Netflix HD plan vs Netflix ULTRAHD plan)

Rocky Linux is a rebuild of RHEL with the Red Hat branding removed. So something that runs on RHEL should run the same way on Rocky. Something that explodes on RHEL should explode in the same way on Rocky too.

I think you can use Netflix on RHEL/Rocky though I’ve never tried it myself. I know you can order stuff on Amazon using Rocky since I do that myself.

The only significant difference between RHEL and Rocky is that bug fixes and updates come a little later for Rocky since they originate with Red Hat and have to be rebuilt for Rocky.

Thank you for email . Netflix and Amazon were just an example how we compare two products … I was looking kind of kind of table comparison of two products … so here I am looking full table comparion of RHEL8 and Rocky 8(or newer)
comparison points for both RHEL8 and Rocky 8(or newre) are 1:Cockpit, 2" Kernel 3: Databases 4: Nginx 5: Security etc etc

Hi Singhr,

Rocky Linux is free to use RHEL you cannot use without buying the subscription. ( legally )

There are two other things that were missing in Centos but Rocky has added these as well.
You can restrict updates to security errata only . RHEL was providing this feature but Centos was not providing this functionality.
Secondly if someone want , Rocky support can be bought from its parent company CIQ. Centos was not offering any support etc.

Thank you, could you also please share comparison points for both RHEL8 and Rocky 8(or newre) are 1:Cockpit, 2" Kernel 3: Databases 4: Nginx 5: Security etc etc

There is a free of charge RHEL subscription option now.
There was one already earlier, but it was limited to developers.
Red Hat did create the current option after they discontinued CentOS Linux 8.

If those are open source, then Rocky has practically the same versions. Bug for bug.

(On security, something like “FIPS compliance” takes a bit more to achieve as it is a “process”.)

If you’re looking for a table of comparison it’s actually very short.

RHEL                        |  Rocky
Programs/kernel             |  Same programs/kernel
Bug fixes and enhancements  |  Same but a few hours/days later than RHEL
Other Stuff                 |  Same stuff
Performance                 |  Same performance
Hardware                    |  Same hardware
RHEL sells support          |  Support is available from third parties for a fee or you can do it all yourself.

I hopethis clarifies it for you.

helpful, thank you so much!!! Could you please confirm Databases: database server like MySQL 8.0, MariaDB 10.3, PostgreSQL 10 & 9.6 and Redis 4.0 are available in Rocky ?

Are those things available in RHEL?

If your answer is yes, then the answer is yes.

If your answer is no, then the answer is no.

Note again what I stated above. Same programs, same other stuff.

@singhr.abhishek Everything that is available in RHEL is available in ROCKY. It’s exactly the same a 1:1 copy bug-for-bug.

Any packages not in RHEL/ROCKY, can usually be got from third-party repositories, but most of what you write is there by default.

This is not a different product like your example comparing Netflix with Disney+. Between RHEL and Rocky there isn’t a difference, since all package versions are exactly the same in each.

If you want to find out what packages are available, search on https://pkgs.org or install Rocky, and search using dnf.