Resistive Touchscreen Compatibility

I have a client who would like to use the Rocky Linux OS with a resistive touchscreen monitor/display. The box has a 10th gen Intel Core processor, SSD, and for display it has DP and HDMI with plenty of USB ports.

Is this as simple as plug-and-play, or do you think I will require additional drivers?

Hi there,

I have no experience at all with attaching touchscreens to anything… but I figure there should be 2 connections to be made between the screen device and a PC/Laptop:

  1. “standard” display connection
    (PC → Screen, such as VGA/DP/HDMI/…)
  2. “input device” connection
    (Screen → PC, probably USB only with contemporary screens)

With that “setup”, the touch screen device will most likely handle input control to the PC on its own, like by emulating a pointing device like mice, trackpoint, etc. and thus the PC (actually its OS, Rocky) will not even have to deal with some “exotic” device.

If the touch screen device of choice thus has that kind of wires (display + usb) then it should indeed just be a matter of plug-and-play. But be aware: That’s just a wild guess! I have no experience and your mileage may vary depending on the touchscreen. :wink:

HTH, Thomas

Great answer, thanks for the response!
I was thinking exactly the same way… the USB connection being the pointing device (like a mouse) and the typical display connection (DP, HDMI) handling the monitor.