Reinstalling - how do I delete previous RAID cluster

After making a complete mess of previous install (won’t boot now), I decided to start again. When setting up the disk configuration I can’t find any way to delete the RAID 1 array that I had created before. If I try to set everything up as a partition I get error ‘out of space’ because everything is assigned to the previous RAID . What I want to do is use the old disks but treat them as completely new so far as partitioning is concerned. I don’t want to use LVM if I can avoid it.

Presumably a software RAID.

Boot the installer media in troubleshooting mode. When it offers to scan and mount existing installation, do choose skip to shell. There should be enough command-line tools to clear the metadata from disks with.

After erase all partitions of disk(s) with fdisk

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=640 count=1

Where X is drive!

This erase all tables!!! Bе careful!!!