Reflecting on first install(s)

I thought it might be worth sharing some of the mostly unnecessary ordeal I’m putting myself through to maybe, hopefully, end my “relationship” with Microsoft. :slight_smile: Not sure if I can manage that but I’ll accept some compromises and see how far I can go.

I’ll just define the system here a bit…
AMD Epyc 32 cores
128 GB RAM
Radeon 6700XT
UHD Monitor

What I’m interested in is video editing and graphics… that stuff…

So it starts with “why Rocky”, that’s because it is what Blackmagic aka Davinci Resolve chose to promote. That I’d call a market clue and more of it would be a good thing.

But the recommendation was for Rocky 8 and it was a failure here. Less so now after a few installs but in the case of getting something running without drama, a poor choice compared to 9.2.

I think today I’m on full reinstall 3. I spent a lot of time doing things that didn’t need to be done. And tried out 2 virtual machines and a play with Wine and Crossover. What killed the last install was me mucking about with audio drivers and ending up with a text boot screen and no web to look stuff up. Or network connection for that matter.

UHD you can expect interface sizing issues.

One “messing about” was “installing” Gnome. That little gear at the bottom of the log on page… I know it is there now but it took a bit to discover it and what is does. I guess I’m still uncertain about if “Classic Gnome” is using Wayland.

Not suggesting the interface is wrong, rather that I at least needed some sort of forced introduction that said “hey you, you need to know about this little gear”. I’d be looking out for that issue with people on first installs.

Before I muck it up again, perhaps some advice?

Is there are good equalizer for the installed sound system?

Wine, Crossover, Virtual machine… what’s going to get me closest to native use of the graphics card in Windows if I boot to Linux?

And the next thing I want to install is Chat-GPT or something in the Terminal. I’ve tried one of them before B3. Any advice on which of those are the best for Linux help?

I’ve not managed to get this to work yet by following these instructions

Which lead up to maybe, from a marketing viewpoint, have an AI forum thread and get a bit onto the bandwagon.

Might be just me and what I’m interested in… but there doesn’t seem to be a Linux release that really targets let’s call it “graphics Professionals”. Might be possible to own that space?

I’ll add a bit more as I go with the installs. First issues, particularly those driven by lack of “intimacy” matter. And you only see them the first time then you are “used to it”.