Introducing Myself, Hope I am Welcome

Hi everybody,
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am a bit old man (1961).
I have been on Linux since 2000 when I started with Suse 7.3 that time. In like 2 years I was only Linux since then and never looked back.

As a hoby i kept distrohopping like crazy for like a year in 2022, then I settled for like ayear on EndeavourOS, then for like a year on Debian.

Reading, searching and learning I cam e across this amazing Rocky Linux.
I say amazing because I believe it is absolutely the most stable and the longest supported distro.

The point is, well, I hate the idea of a fresh install whenever a new release comes out. Why repeat installation and configuration even if every 2 years or so as in Debian.

This is why I settled for EndeavourOS for some time because it is a rolling release (which by design has its cons regarding stability), this is why I moved later to Debian for stability.

I don;t really care much about having the latest software as much as I care about having the most stable and most responsive system.

So, after I found Rocky Linux, which is by design ultmately stable, and has support for 10 years, then I have the best of both worlds, not having to do a fresh install for 10 years, and the stability.

A bit about me, I know a bit about computers, I started way back in 1997, I have programed in BASIC, GW BASIC, Dbase III+ and Dbase IV. I did a little programming with MS Access in 1997.

Unfortunately, work life and life in general didn’t give me a chance to follow up.
So whatever comes after the good old days of DOS and those languages I know very little.
So I won’t ever pretend to be an expert these days.

I have installed Rocky Linux, KDE Plasma for quite a few hours and I was impressed with it in everything.

So, as I believe Linux is about “the community” and interaction between users, developers, administrators,… whoever I thought I should not be on Rocky Linux without being on the forum of Rocky Linux.

I hope I can contribute something, and I am sure I will get all the support I need.
What I real care most is the social part of Linux, being a member of a community, with all what this means.

I hope I am welcome!

Thank you for this amazing Rocky Linux that gave me the best of both worlds.

Any advice from the experts about what to do after installing to get the most out of Rocky Linux (KDE Plasma) will be highly appreciated.

My interests by the way:

  • I am an economist
  • All my life I worked in Marketing/Marketing research, promoting products.
  • I am a book worm, I read like crazy since I wake up in the morning till I sleep
  • I read mainly about economics as a science, the economy, investment, and I read generally about anything you can think of especially philosophy, logic, computers, IT, AI
  • By the way I am interested in AI. (I know some are against it, but… it is interesting for me, it is like a knife, you can use it to prepare your food, or to offend somebody)

Sorry for this lengthy intro, but I believe in community and believe in thinking out loud.

Despite this lengthy intro I still hope I am welcome!


Welcome to Rocky Linux and the Rocky forums! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum, youngster. I started with computers in 1971. :slight_smile:

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Welcome !! to this great forum!!

Welcome aboard! This is a great forum and there are plenty of kind, knowledgeable people that are here to support you and answer questions. This is a great place to learn lots of information about Rocky!