Raspberry Pi 4B No Sound

I’ve successfully installed Rocky 9.2 on my Pi4B starting with the Alternative Image and then adding the Server with GUI grooup.

I didn’t care for the Gnome desktop so I follwed the instructions for installing MATE and that went very smoothly as well.

So far my only issue is that the kernel doesn’t seem to recognize any sort of sound device on the pi4–all I see in the Sound control panel is “Dummy Output”. I’m connected to a 48" Vizio TV via HDIMI so I’d think that the audio should be sent to that.

Am I missing something? Truthfully I’ve never needed sound on an rpi before but I’ll be using this one for work and will need audio for slack huddles and other meetings.


Jeff Ross

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try running alsamixer as root and hit F6 to select sound card, does it show any potential sound cards.
if it does select the one you want and make sure all the sliders in alsamixer are maxed out at least on the output side that is.
ive had this with many a pro card in the past where the volume levels are default set to zero.
regards peter

Thanks for the reply. It seems that the rocky pi install puts in pipewire.

Regardless my pi4 shows no actual sound hardware so my hunch is that something in the kernel isn’t seeing it on the RPi4.

I have to shelve this for now anyway–the project I will eventually want this rpi4 for is all video, no audio at all.

Thanks again!


pulseaudio/pipewire is just a layer on top of alsa.
you should still have alsa, and alsamixer will show you what hardware you have.
you might be right about Rhel kernel not carrying the driver, maybe try https://redsleeve.org/
instead as that is 100% aimed at arm processors and is more likely to have working sound drivers.
regards peter