Raspberry Pi 4 - fan troubles on Rocky LInux 9.3

hi y’all

i’m having trouble getting my rocky 9 install on pi 4 to see and control the case fans
(i’m using it as a jump box in between my main box and another pi running rocky 9 that i use for work)

here’s the link for the case

case link

the manual and other instruction sets for similar products state that i need a connection on 5v for power, gnd, and an one more on GPIO 14 for the fan control

the fan has run before, on other distros (ubuntu, raspbian)
it also worked at one point on rocky linux but I don’t recall what version (i’m assuming 8 bc that was my go to for various raisins)

so far i’ve tried adding in overlays to /boot/config.txt
i’ve search and searched for alternatives to control the fans, but most are GUI based or built for Debian distros, so I’m SOL in that regard

i’ve also tried searching for rpms of raspi-config, although i figure that will be fruitless

i did find a post from a year ago with a similar issue, but unfortunately their solution did not work

old thread

anybody have any insights?

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