Please provide inbuilt file converter (pdf to word, word to pdf) and image compressor or resizer

What are updates means to an average user?

yes, i am an average user, who uses linux for only office and libre office, brave, tor, libre wolf and finally VS codium.

i have been seeing yeah we updated this and upgraded that in any linux (Deb, RPM)

but just now, i got selected for IT job interview,
i have to use multiple online services for converting pdf files to word. and resizing my scanned documents.

i have switched to linux for privacy and security over a two years ago, now, just to upload all Study documents to unknown servers to convert or resize.

thanks. hope you can understand.

a simple open source file converter would to job right.

i have tried master pdf and pdf mix tools, nah they broke.

What if I would say: “write LaTeX, generate PDF from it, and forget the w*”?

EPEL has GraphicsMagick.

I use Libreoffice Draw for working with documents. It can edit PDF. It only needs Times New Roman support installed.