LibreOffice won't start on Rocky Linux 9.1 aarch64

I noticed that LibreOffice doesn’t seem to function on aarch64 builds of Rocky Linux 9.1 or Alma Linux 9.1. I was curious if this is a known issue or if there is a workaround. The error is: “No suitable windowing system found.”

It’s important to us because we depend upon LibreOffice as part of automation in a line of business workflow.

Thank you.

Mr. Google suggests that you may need to install pixman.

Thanks for the tip. dnf says pixman is already installed, unfortunately.

I’ve got a spare RPi3 sitting right next to me… already has a minimal install of Rocky on it. I thought “I’ll install a desktop right fast and see what happens.” So yeah… 45 minutes later and it’s still installing… So many packages to install. :sweat_smile:
If it ever finishes, I’ll test and see what happens. :grin:

Confirmed the problem… Here’s the strace… Don’t have a solution yet…

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So… Not saying I’m super great at this and haven’t missed anything obvious because it’s entirely possible I have… but… digging through the soffice debugging switches it looks like this is a Mesa error and would be a upstream Red Hat issue. If you have one of the free Red Hat accounts and if your hardware is supported, it would be good to file a bug with them. If not, perhaps upstream to CentOS?
I’m out of time to hack on this much more right now though. Hopefully someone else can jump in with more then what I could do.


Thank you for the quick look and I’m not surprised to hear this is upstream. I’ll try to find the appropriate RHEL forum to report in. Thank you again, at least I know I’m not missing something obvious.

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