Red Hat is Dropping Its Support for LibreOffice

Says there that Red Hat will no longer distribute libreoffice as part of RHEL.

It’s a bit of a pain the butt, but ultimately I don’t see this being much of a problem since libreoffice itself distributes rhel-compatible rpms (or at least they did the last time I looked).

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They still do.

Here the link:

This is like that Walt Disney Bugs Bunny moment when those RPMs appear good levitating like the Fox before crashing down. I doubt they were original and not rips of this same work that is now being stopped. For us third-tier users perhaps the retiring team can can explain the thinking for discontinuing in favour of Wayland so that we can see the best way to rescue the core without the painful desktops. I personally would not mind putting in that kind of disentangling effort (Collabra’s ‘donations’ comes to mind). But a good explanation from the retiring team can help that process along for all the platforms, actually. It’s not just RedHat who depended on their work; even non-Linux did. The effort might require a tactical rollback to OpenOffice.

PS: And perhaps a slow migration towards Gnome.

I would encourage everyone to read the fedora mail list thread:

Nice read. Anxiety levels over Fedora - heightened. Better to revert to blissful ignorance and to check back in a year. (Am already a 2-year CentOS orphan and still alive …) Rocky was sort-of an antidote, but its still exposed to a difficult Community Enterprise mandate. Maybe Rocky needs to leapfrog upstream channels to Fedora to deal with this one if they still want to see pre-built LO a year from now.