Open color io rpm build with dependecies

Anyone know how i can build this package for rocky 9 or rocky 8.

Just add EPEL repo to your system, it’s already built there:

crb enable
dnf install epel-release
dnf install OpenColorIO

For future packages, you can check on, here is the example for the one you wanted:

This one exists for Rocky 8 but not for Rocky 9 right now. That said, you can use Fedora Source RPMS and build those with mock - opencolorio exists in the Fedora Source RPM list Overview - rpms/OpenColorIO -

But that’s only version 1.1.1 which is very old not the latest version 2. I’m looking for the latest version.

I’ll try the mock build. Thanks for the tip.

Yep, then you’ll need to either request EPEL to provide a later version or build using the source rpm from Fedora if you need a later version and cannot wait for EPEL to build it or something like that.

You can find the build instructions here:

If all you need are the command line tools, I’ve been sucessful installing them using pip.

sudo dnf install pip

pip install opencolorio

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