Only HPE logo appears when connecting monitor to server

I am using ROCKYOS 9.2 on an HPE server and the OS boot looks fine. Ping test is fine and when i connect ssh it connects fine. But when I connect the monitor to the server, I don’t see the login screen.
I only see the HPE logo. When the HPE logo comes up, I see the loading screen below, but it finishes loading and doesn’t advance to the next screen.
How do I resolve these symptoms?

Rocky Linux 9.2 is no longer supported. Please update your system.

When is the last time you have performed a firmware update on that system? And can you update your system to 9.4 after the firmware update? You are running an out of date version of Rocky Linux 9, so there could easily be two issues at once here: firmware and out of date packages.

hello. Thank you for your response.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the firmware because we delivered 60 servers with the same specification to our customer and all of them have the same firmware, rockyos 9.2.
Only 1 of the 60 servers has an anomaly and we want to solve it.