Hpe proliant gen9 & rocky linux version 9

I have some old hardware I would like to migrate to rocky linux. (2 dl360 and 2 DL380 gen9). Unfortunately HPE is only providing their tooling (Agent monitoring service for example) for redhat 8 for this generation. I hesitate to ignore it and just go for latest 9.0 but maybe I don’t have to ?

  • Is there any difference in term of usage between rocky linux version 8 & 9 to use LXD?
  • Either way do you know if hp-ams compiled for rocky linux 8 or redhat 8 can work on rocky linux 9 ? How to force the installation of a legacy package?

to refine my question. I The real issue I have with rocky linux 9 with an HPE proliant gen 9 is that the serverless agent package is not available in HPE redhat 9 repo. Only for version 8:


on gen10 I only have the amsd package which is not compatible with ILO 4.

Is there a way to still install an RPM compiled for redhat 8 on gen9 ?

The RPM may be compiled statically like on debian where I can force the package installation.

That depends on the dependencies (of package and binary).
As example, the Zoom package for “RHEL 7.0+” installs and runs on el9.

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