nVidia Card on OS Build

I have a system with 4 nVidia GTX 1080Ti cards. I managed to figure out which card is “default” on boot. The system starts to come up, and I can access BIOS just fine. I set to boot from USB so I can install Rocky 9. All seems well. Get the text showing it’s loading the OS build. But right at the point where it would be going to a configuration screen, it just goes dark. I suspect there is something that isn’t loading properly to allow for the GUI screen.

The system does not have on-board video, so that’s not an option. Like I said, everything is fine on screen up to the point of OS configuration. Is there something I can edit on the install command line to get past this?

I figured that added “nomodeset” to the boot line allows me to operate via command line. But for some reason it no longer sees the USB drive with the connected ISO.

Took some jiggering about, but finally got it going. First, I didn’t have the correct image on my USB drive. Then, once getting that correct, I managed to get it to properly load by selecting “Partition 2” as the boot source from the ASUS BIOS. Then, when the boot menu came up, added “modprobe_blacklist=nouveau” to the boot line.

The trick about selection partition 2 was that for some reason that would allow me to disable nouveau while still giving me the base graphic display for the build. Otherwise, it would fail completely to load any graphic management and force command line. This became a problem because I needed the MAC address to register for an IP (site constraint). Still, this is all corrected and working now.

Never give up, solutions will come.

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