No disks detected / NVMe Install

For some reason a fresh NVMe drive is not getting detected during installation of RL9.2 DVD from USB thumb drive. The machine is an oldish latitude E7470 laptop. The bios sees the drive. But the installer does not list any drives and just reads “No disks detected” at the bottom.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need a boot parameter?

I thought that maybe the drive needed a partition table so I used an M.2 drive cradle and gparted to create one. No change. If I put a different drive with Windows on it in, the installer sees that ok. If I put fresh drive in the M.2 cradle, plug it in during the install, and “refresh devices”, the installer sees the drive. I installed onto the drive successfully using the cradle but when I remove it, put it into the on-board M.2 slot, it starts to boot but hangs and eventually “Entering emergency mode”.

If I then try to run the installer from USB, with the broken install on the drive, I see errors about “UEFI boot, invalid parameter” and again, “No disks detected”.

How do I install RL9.2 on a fresh NVMe drive?


Of course I found the solution Googling around right after I posted.

Apparently this is a Dell thing. You must go into the bios (F2) and set:

System Configuration > SATA Operation > AHCI

Now the NVMe drive is detected, the installation completes and the machine boots correctly near as I can tell. Still fiddling …