My mic is making noise

I joined an online meeting today and one of the attendants told me that my mic is making noise. So I opened pusleaudio then selected the input devices tap and saw that the microphone is inputting sound even when I am not speaking:

I would say drag that bar closer towards “base” to lower the sensitivity.

Should this make it work properly? What is the correct setting? I actually don’t understand the options present.

It’s like turning up/down the volume to hear your speakers. There isn’t much not to understand? If you turn up the microphone sensitivity (eg: dragging it to the right), then more background noise can be heard causing the problems you have. It will pick up everything. Turning it all the way down, so dragging to the left means it will be less sensitive and not pick up background noise so easily. You set it at a level that is a decent balance between people able to hear you when you speak and not too sensitive.

Turn it down, and then record with your mic in a meeting with just yourself and see how it sounds. Then turn it up or down depending on how well you hear yourself. May require turning your speakers up if you have them set quiet.

My mic is set at about 50% for me, but it could vary for you and may need to be set lower. On previous computers I’ve had it set about 20%, so it varies on hardware.