Pulse audio defaults to wrong audio settings

On Rocky 9.1 (Mate edition) pulse audio keeps defaulting to one of the digital stereo options. Yes, the HW contains SPDIF, but I never use it.

On Centos-7 it did not do this. Everytime I try to switch from USB headphones to speakers I spend 5-10 minutes fighting with it to make things work with the output I want.

On my old C7 system I could click one setting (in Pavu Control) to output between speakers or headphones, and unplugging the USB headset automatically switched to speaker. Here on R9.1 I have once or twice had those things work, but I can’t figure out how, as most of the time they don’t.

I’m guessing that it relates to the digital stereo output it keeps trying to force on me.

So, I’ve been searching for a way to make analog stereo (duplex) the default, or to even disable the digital audio option, but so far I’ve not found anything. (maybe I need to reboot and enter SETUP to disable that???)

So, once again I’m pleading for any assistance.

Thanks in advance!