Multi Monitor issue after lock/sleep

Recently install Rocky Workstation on my T14 G1 AMD R7 24GB ram. It was initially 8.5, I immediately updated the system after install to 8.6. So I’m not sure if this occurs in 8.5 and 8.6.

I have 2 monitors (27in 4K, 24in 1080) plugged into my ThinkPad Ultra Dock via Display Ports. When I’m at my desk, I will have my laptop docked with the built-in screen open and using all three displays.

If the laptop locks itself or I lock it via Super + L, when I unlock the laptop. The built-in display won’t display anything. The display will still be “on” meaning it shows up in Display Settings and I can even move my mouse and windows over to the screen. But the display will be completely black as if it’s off.

If I remove the laptop from the dock and then put it back on, the screen works again until it locks again.

The issues is kind of annoying but in the mean time I can disable the laptop screen while it’s docked. But ultimately I’d like to find a solution.

Anyone else having this issue or know of a solution to correct it?