Maya 2023/Houdini 19.5/Nuke

Hi I am trying to install Autodesk Maya 2023, Houdini 19.5 Nuke 14 & substance painter all in rocky 8.7 to create a robust DCC workstation.

What trouble if any have people had?

Many thanks

I installed them all on our central storage and then sourced the apps via env and .bashrc.

My testing for these apps will happen next week so will update this ticket as we test.

Great thanks! Look forward to hearing your outcome! What kind of office do you work in if you mind me asking?

What do you mean what kind of office?

I mean I’m just trying to understand how you deployed these apps.

I did not to the workstations. We installed them to a central shared storage and our pipeline team added it to the stater script for the app. Which was in house developed. Environmental variables were set a well for licenceing. I installed the adlm stuff for autodesk locally.

No trouble, all work nicely

Hello guy,

Did you try to install Shotgrid RV player 2023 as well ?

Best Regards