Mailman2/3 Binary on Rocky Linux 9


i am wondering if a mailman rpm file for rockylinux 9 already exists or will exist in the future. Currently it seems that there is none so i dont seen an option to migrate my mailsystem to rocky 9.

Thank you for your help.


As far as I can tell, I don’t see mailman coming to Rocky Linux 9. I say this by looking at CentOS Stream 9. It doesn’t seem to exist there which tells me it won’t be coming any time soon.

Perhaps this could be a good EPEL request. Outside looking in, I’m not sure the level of difficulty due to the number of dependencies involved to build it.

I’m in the same boat as far as Mailman goes. We need it to retain functionality while moving from EL8 to EL9. Ever since the RHEL9 Beta was released without Mailman I looked into what would be necessary to build an EL9 compatible Mailman.

Part of the problem is that the old Mailman from EL8 (and earlier) used Python v2 and up to and including EL8 we at least had a legacy Python v2.7 as an option in addition to the more modern Python v3.6 or v3.9 on EL8 and EL9.

So Mailman 2 isn’t an option for EL9 and Mailman 3 requires Python 3.

Fedora Core 35 and 36 do have Mailman 3 RPMs and I often do “borrow” and recompile Fedora Core SRPMs to EL7/8/9 whenever I need something I can’t get from elsewhere. So my intention was to rebuild Mailman 3 for EL9 with the SRPMs from FC35 or FC36 and I spent a few months on it as a side project.

Sadly: This leads down an incredibly long chain of really ridiculous dependencies. It’s not just 10, 20 or 30 layers of nested dependencies. It’s more along the line of +200 nested dependencies that neither the official EL9 or EPEL repositories satisfy at this time. Quite a few of these dependencies are even circular. So you need A + B to build C, but B needs C and A has dependencies against C and D, which in return need B and C. While this can be resolved, it’s pretty tedious.

I then went the other way around and tried to build a Mailman 3 from the tarball in a sandbox with the intention of then creating a proper RPM of it for EL9. Even if that meant to perhaps loose some functionality that the FC35 or FC36 Mailman3 have. And I’m still chasing dependencies for that one, too, as it wouldn’t build yet.

I’m not surprised that nobody else has gotten around to it yet, as it’s sheer madness for a piece of software to have this level of utterly insane dependencies.