Nullmailer or a simple MTA like Nullmailer


I have used nullmailer ( nullmailer) on ubuntu systems for simple forwarding mails.
Unfortunately it is not available on centos/rocky and i cant get things to work.

tried to create an rpm out of debian deb
tried to follow the INSTALL documentation from (
Both did not work in the end
Sadly i don’t know much about this compile/install workflow

Maybe someone of you know a way to get it working or can suggest a different MTA
Maybe there is something like nullmailer in the centos world?

I don’t need to receive mails
I only need to forward local sent mails

Thank you for reading!


I use the msmtp package from EPEL repository. Simple to configure and works very well.

I can build nullmailer on my RockyLinux 8.6. The c++ compiler (package gcc-c++) is required:

cd nullmailer-2.2
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