Looking for Kernel change logs

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering, does Rocky Linux provide any kernel change logs? Trying to find out if some specific commits from the official kernel repository made to a specific version, considering that Red Hat does make this a bit harder I am not sure if this is also available.

For Canonical, Debian and so on, it’s easy to find their kernel change logs and what commits have been applied , so I am looking for the same info.


You will find that you’ll be in the same boat with our packages, as we are 1:1 with RHEL. You may get close by looking at the upstream stream commits and trying to correlate them with the RPM change log (rpm -q kernel --changelog), but there may be missing information. Usually the commits in the upstream stream repos match and they will have some information just as they do in the rpm change log (such as a red hat bugzilla, maybe a RHEL jira, maybe a related CVE). Sometimes those may have the right info from the official linux upstream. It will require a lot of manual digging unfortunately.

Oh that is pretty helpful :slight_smile: yes, I was trying to use rpm -q before too, that sometimes helps since I can usually match the title with the commits from the main kernel. It is very manual indeed but that’s ok, in most cases it’s similar to other scenarios.

Thank you!

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