Newbie question: RL updates - how to find what changed

Periodically dnf update tells me there is a new kernel. Today it is 427.16 → 427.18

Where do I look to see what changed? Is it somewhere on the RHEL website?

Thank you.

rpm -q --changelog kernel

Add version to the packagename (so you won’t get data from every kernel, and pipe to ‘less’).

An even better option is to check BEFORE you do the update.

While still on kernel-5.14.0-427.16.1.el9_4.x86_64

dnf repoquery --changelog kernel-0:5.14.0-427.18.1.el9_4.x86_64

it will show changes going back a few versions, in reverse order.

dnf repoquery --changelog kernel-0:5.14.0-427.18.1.el9_4.x86_64

Interesting info, but the result seems to supply changes to all packages, not just the kernel? Or am I reading it wrong?

Thank you both for the responses.