Login screen refresh when login in rocky 9.1

Hello all,

I have installed rocky linux 9.1. When i try to login in with username and password my screen get refresh and am bounced back to login screen. I have choosen standard X11 and other desktop enviroment also tried with differnet users but the result is same can someone please help me.

What happens if at the login screen you enter the key combination Ctrl+Alt+F2 to get to the console, then enter your username and password when prompted?
This will help determine if this is a graphics or security system issue.

I have home directory of account on autofs-mounted NFS-share and on some systems the first login attempt after reboot has those symptoms. The login attempt after the refresh does succeed. In my case, presumably, the issue is in initialization of network connections to LDAP, NFS, etc. Furthermore, the issue has occurred on both el7 and el9.

Your issue is probably very different.

In addition to the console access mentioned by @jbkt23 I would try ssh from another machine and/or edit GRUB boot entry by adding systemd.unit=multi-user.target to kernel options.

Once you do get access, go for the logs. There are probably some in /var/log.

I cannot access the console with Ctrl+Alt+F2. But i can login from emergency mode and try to check the log for xorg and gdm and couldn’t find something noticable.

But when I use default username in /etc/gdm/custom.conf then I am being able to automatically login but it is not what i wanted.

I have these issues that you describe in a similar setup (autofs-mounted NFS-shares for profiles). I the log in screen refreshes and the second attempt to log in works. Is there a particular log I can look into that may help me pinpoint this issue, or figure out how to solve it?

I haven’t chased that problem, since the users seem content with log in twice (of which the first fails).
(They are probably content, because they keep long sessions – should probably reboot them more often …)