Login banner for cockpit doesn't display

I’m trying to add a login banner to cockpit. I created a /etc/issue.cockpit file with the banner message text, and a /etc/cockpit/cockpit.conf file with the [Session] section header and referenced the banner message with Banner = /etc/issue.cockpit. I’m not seeing a banner displayed. It should have displayed over the login dialog box. I tested in CentOS 8 and it works.
I guess this could still be a problem with my config, but I’ve not found anything needed beyond what is mentioned above in the cockpit and RHEL docs.
Has anyone else seen this?

I just tried this on a laptop system I’ve got loaded with Rocky, and it worked as expected. For reference, I followed this resource:

It would be strange for the content of your banner to be the issue if the same content works in CentOS 8. I just used “This is some banner text for cockpit.”, so nothing fancy.

Yup… works as documented. Here is a sample…

Thanks. Yeah I’m using the same instructions. I started with banner several lines long but changed to a single sentence. its all regular text.
I turned off SELinux and tested but no luck, and no warnings. I’ll try with a fresh install and see what happens. thanks again.

thanks and appreciate the screenshot.
Not sure how to troubleshoot since cockpit apparently doesnt log anything. Will try a fresh install and go from there.
Thanks again.