Laptop suggestions for Rocky that just work?

In the market for a laptop to use as a daily driver for rocky. Suggestions for gear that will work straight out of the box? I bought a cheapo HP and have been stung by a realtek network chipset that rocky is not a fan of.

Any suggestions?

FWIW, I use pre-owned Dell business laptops and they work like a charm.

Eg Dell Latitude E6530. Built like tanks, and can get one for ~ $150 US used I imagine.
I even have a Dell E6510 made in 2010, I bought in 2015 and still runs great. Metal case, built to some mil-specs, built like a tank.
AFAIK hardware that is say at least 1 year old is better because it gives Linux core and distros time to incorporate the drivers for that hardware including network cards…

Along with the noted Dell series I’ve always had good experiences running Fedora on Lenovo “T and X” series laptops running intel chips. Have not had one with an AMD chip.

Company policy (contracts) limit us to Lenovo (T and X) models. I dislike laptops, but have nevertheless succeeded in installing CentOS to various generations. On very recent model some “minor things” like touchpad and Wifi were not supported by (admittedly ancient) CentOS 7, but are ok in Rocky. Well, as “ok” as my won’t use, don’t care scale knows.