Lagging and strange behaviour

Hi guys. I have been running Centos for years with no problem. The last distro was #8.
Now I wanted to try Rocky due to the change of Centos, but without great success.
I was able to install, but noticed even during install that it was “lagging”
After installation it behave very strange. (lagging and keyboard buffer fails, can not even type in ip address, netmask in network config GUI)
The machine is a HP DL380 G6 server, disks in Raid5, 24GB memory.
Any ideas guys?

Regards, Terje

Can you first try booting using systemd emergency mode; this is pure text, no GUI, and check to see if it’s still slow, and also check the logs in /var/log/messages and ‘dmesg’ and ‘journalctl’. Check from the exact boot time, and see if there are any errors. The “disks in Raid5” could be a problem depending on how they were set up.


A laggy installer might indicate that something in the hardware is not well supported.

I would try installing the last CentOS 8.5 and see if it goes better. Then compare with Rocky Linux 8.5. Both are based on the same sources, results should be consistent. Then install the last Rocky 8.6 or upgrade.

Try first an installation as standard as possible. No extra repository, just one disk without RAID, standard partitioning, etc…


Thanks for the answers guys. Centos 8.5 work well in my setup. I have changed to new disks with the new setup, but I will try to install with one disk first to see how it works…
I will post the findings… Terje.

That is fascinating since Rocky 8 and CentOS Linux 8 both aim(ed) to be bug-for-bug compatible with RHEL 8 and should therefore be practically identical.

There are two obvious reasons why CentOS Linux and Rocky installs would differ:

  • Configuration differs. Different packages installed and choices
  • 8.5 vs. 8.6 – some packages are definitely different. But, did RHEL 8.6 introduce those “lag” regressions?