KDE Plasma fails login, missing symbol in dynamically linked library

I’m running RL 9.2, and have KDE Plasma installed, presumably via flatpak. Recently, I was in a hurry to get my machine shut down and hit the power button. Since then, I get a fake keyboard on my screen & a note complaining about an undefined symbol: _ZN11QToolButton13checkStateSetEv, version Qt_5, in the shared library /lib64/libKF5WidgetsAddons.so.5

FYI, this occurs when the startup process attempts to invoke the default breeze theme, in Main.qml.
Looking back over /var/log/messages, a few other routines complain about this same missing symbol in the same *.so file: org.kde.kalendarac.desktop, /usr/bin/khelpcenter, and xdg-desktop-portal-kde

I note that indeed, that file does leave the _ZN… symbol undefined, but another version, in an alternate location, namely here:


the library of the same name appears to have that symbol available. Is it possible to force my login process to find the file under /var/lib/flatpak/…/whatever, rather than the faulty version in /lib64?

Same root cause as in KDE Plasma fails login, missing symbol in dynamically linked library.

You have updated packages from current EPEL which require packages from 9.3 version which has not been released. It’s shame that Alma 9.3 is out few days while Rocky is in delay. Try to use different desktop environment until 9.3 is released.

Alma is no longer 1:1 with RHEL, so their 9.3 release, is not really 9.3 in the RHEL 9.3 sense. The package versions will vary and no doubt be much newer as they are most likely taken from CentOS 9 Stream.

Rocky 9.3 will be out soon, patience people :wink:

Our mirrors have 9.3 synced. We are tying up some loose ends (due to some snags found during testing with our testing team) before officially releasing. We have also started testing 8.9. Our policy, as stated on our wiki, is at least a week before any minor release.

A Wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.

One either has a good, solid distro or one does not. Other distros are irrelevant.

Besides, the issue here is EPEL. EPEL is not one; it is a legion. Some of it releases “early”, some not.
There are el9_3 users (RHEL, etc) that have issues with EPEL packages that are still in testing at best.
Granted, the Qt-based packages are relatively visible – a year ago EPEL was slower with them and that did hurt too.

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