Live KDE install doesn't show tag for installing

Installed Rocky 9 minimal to make sure it worked on a computer I have. It does. Then I downloaded the KDE install from the site.

I can get KDE to boot the home page where it asks for a username/password but I don’t have that and the rockstar one doesn’t work. It’s also missing the install button in the upper left as shown in the documentation.

Of note: during boot, I get “Started Command Scheduler. Starting Hold until boot process finishes up… Starting Terminate Plymouth Boot Screen…” and there it hangs for the longest time. A number of minutes that I don’t count cause I walk away.

Three minutes later, I get something about something blocked for 122 seconds and tainted something. It disappeared before I could see it. The screen goes black and KDE pops up wanting the username.

The errors you see booting up in the live image are generally fine and can be ignored. With that said, I cannot reproduce your issue with the latest KDE live image.

Booting it up, I see this.

I will assume this is your reddit post. Installing the system and setting up a user, everything works as intended.

I would suggest redownloading the live image. Or specifically download the image that has the date like here.

I’m betting the problem is that I installed “latest” instead of the dated one further down which I did not see. I’m downloading it now to see if that makes a difference (if I don’t go to bed first).

EDIT: Well, now I’m getting a bunch of “can’t start network manager” errors. Time to go to bed.

So I just don’t know.

For some reason it installed this morning. It says KDE Connect failed and I had to restart the app. It seemed to take too long to reboot. I had to reboot twice due to the screen glitching.

Right now it’s updating 854 apps.

It doesn’t make sense but I found a DVD in the drive. I removed that this morning before starting everything. I was told there were only videos on that DVD.

So I don’t know if this hardware is flaky or what. Next step is to install the nvidia driver cause I believe nouveau is installed.

Did you end up using the boot version or DVD version?

I made a flash drive for the KDE version on the downloads page.

Were you able to get the NVIDIA drivers installed?

No. Couldn’t figure it out. It kept saying the nouveau drivers were installed even when I tried using minimal.

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