Rocky Linux 9.2 KDE alternative image : two bugs


I’m running Rocky Linux on nearly all my servers and desktops. I’m currently fiddling with the alternative image for Rocky Linux 9.2 based on KDE, which would be a great starting point for my client configurations.

1. In the default configuration, the Live installer starts a Wayland session instead of X11. There’s a nasty bug with this, since KDE’s application menu is displayed in the center of the screen instead of the bottom left corner. Logging out and logging back in an X11 session instead of Wayland fixes the problem. I wonder if there is a way to make the installer start an X11 session directly.

2. On startup there’s a series of error messages about kconnect daemon crashing and shutting down, and then there’s all these little dead zombie faces in the notification area.

Nothing really dramatic here, but since I’d like to use these in my Linux training courses, and it would be nice to have an installer where the bugs don’t jump in your face right on startup.

If the person responsible for putting together this alternative image reads this message, then maybe we can solve the problem together. Otherwise, where’s the orthodox place to file a bug report for this ?



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