KDE - kickoff and notifications showing in the wrong place

I am new to Rocky, I always used Kubuntu so far.

I downloaded and installed the KDE version of Rocky Linux.

I ran into a several problems. First one was receiving continuous messages that KDE connect had crashed.
I just solved it the easy way by uninstalling KDE connect.

The second one was that the kick off menu and all notifications were being displayed at the center of the bottom screen.
At first I thought it was designed this way and someone at Rocky Linux decided to go with the Windows 11 look which drove me crazy at first -:wink:
But apparently it is a bug being mentioned elsewhere and has been solved.

I hope KDE is being updated soon where this bug has been solved.
Did anyone experience the same problem and is there a way around to solve this issue for the time being until KDE is being updated?

Choose an x11 session at login instead of wayland.

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