Dolphin not working on RL 9.1

Hello, Dolphin installed via dnf install dolphin not running
dolphin: symbol lookup error: /lib64/ undefined symbol: wl_proxy_marshal_flags

Hey @tanguy,

How did you setup your system, are you using KDE, or the normal Workstation install and then installed epel-release and dolphin, or are you using the Flatpak? :slight_smile:

I used FlatPak and it worked :slight_smile: BUT the GUI not being synch able with GTKā€¦ kinda sucked. I went for Thunar and I am happy.
Epel is installed indeed, and the Dolphin installed with dnf install dolphin is not the same as the flatpak.
I am running a gnome desktop here. Been a while I did not run any KDE tbh !

Great if you found a better solution :slight_smile:

Tbh if you have such an error when using the Flathub Flatpak, that error would need to be sent to the Flathub dolphin repo issues :thinking:
And yes, the EPEL dolphin is managed by the KDE group in EPEL, so is tuned to work with the KDE version in EPEL, compared to the standalone dolphin in Flathub which is managed by someone who manages the repo in theere :+1: