Invisible output from Syslinux UFI LUA (Rocky 8.6)

We are currently running Rocly Linux 8.6 and use syslinux w/ its LUA scripting engine to create system installation USB flash drives. One issue that we have had is that when booting off such a key in UFI mode and running a lua script, any output produced is not visible (showing as black on black? it does produce linefeeds). You can demonstrate this w/ a simple “hello world” script.
Has anyone else run into this? Are there any fixes for this issue?
I’ve found a potential fix (it works for us, but don’t know if it might cause other problems elsewhere – I don’t know enough of the internals of syslinux), but since it requires recompiling syslinux, I though it would be good to check of there is already a fix out there, and/or if anyone would be interested in my potential fix to fold into the distributed RPMs.


I don’t use syslinux, but if it is a bug, since Rocky is based on RHEL, it would need to be fixed upstream at: then it would trickle down into Rocky, etc.

One good thing to try would be Rocky 9 and see if it exists here as well.