Installing Rocky Linux on HP Multi CPU Server

Can Rocky linux be installed on H P ML 350 dual CPU Server

Did you try it? If you have the server and nothing is on it, a great test is installing it and see what happens.

RHEL supports quite a lot of HP servers, so I expect it should be fine with Rocky too.

Google for “HP ML 350” returns multiple “HP ML350 GenX”, where the X is … I saw at least 6, 9, and 10. The point is that HP has had multiple hardware configurations with the “ML 350” label and “the devil is in the details”.

The “nothing on it” is not a strict requirement. One can boot with the install media to see what the installer sees, but not actually commit the install. That way nothing is written to disks.

The “multi CPU” is most likely not an issue. Linux is not finicky about that.

The network and storage may have issues, depending on hardware. Red Hat does not include drivers “for everything” in RHEL. Rocky obviously has the same selection. However, ELRepo does build many of the missing drivers.

If the install media boots “fine”, but installer does not show NIC or drives, then one should run lspci -nn (somehow) to get device IDs of the “unsupported” devices. That ID helps us to help.

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