Raptor Lake Support in Rocky Linux 9

I apologize if this is a stupid question or can easily be found. So far I did not find a concrete answer. At our office we want to purchase a bunch of new machines and we are interested in the 13th gen CPUs aka Raptor lake. Furthermore, we are currently running Rock Linux 9 on our existing machines and would like to continue using it. I am a bit uncertain about the support of 13th gen Intel CPUs. Rocky Linux is using kernel 5.14. Online I found mentioned support in kernel 5.17 and onwards.

Does Rocky Linux 9 support Intel 13th gen CPUs? And if not does it just mean that some new features do not work or do I even get problems booting?

Slightly similar, I’ve known people to use the latest AMD Ryzen’s, and had issues with older kernels, basically the fan was going like crazy. However, using the kernels that supported them, I believe were also 5.17 or higher, then the fans behaved normally. Now whether that will be the same with the Intel CPU’s, or other side-effects I don’t know personally.

So, assuming a similar scenario, you can with Rocky use the elrepo kernel’s by enabling the elrepo repository and either installing kernel-lt or kernel-ml packages. The LT is kernel 6.1.27, and ML is kernel 6.3.1. So they are options you can use with Rocky. The LT/ML kernels helped those with the latest Ryzen CPU’s.

Thank you. This already helps me a bit in my decision. Probably I will remain with the 12th gen CPUs


It is possible that Red Hat at some point backports hardware support into the RHEL 9 kernel.

Do you have those already and do they have both P and E cores?
I have 12th gen, but a model that has only P cores.

I also think that it is most likely that Red Hat will backport hardware support, but we can’t wait for it. We have a intel i7 12700 running with Performance and Efficiency cores without a problem

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Quick and easy test would be just to install Rocky 9 on it and see how it performs. And if needed, then just install the kernel-ml from elrepo and see if it’s any better. Would only take about 30 mins.