Install Rocky Linux in a Intel 4th Gen CPU

Hello all, I’m trying to install the Latest Rocky Linux on an old 4th Gen Intel computer, but I can’t even get to the first install screen because I get the following error:
“[Firmware Bug]: TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to version 0x22”

Is there any way to fix this or to work around this?

Thank you in advance

A quick google on this suggests updating your BIOS.

Hello and thanks for your fast response. I saw that solution, unfortunately my laptop is quite old, no motherboard updates exist for it :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you again

You don’t say whether you are installing RL8 or 9. RL8 might work on old hardware where RL9 does not. If you read the RL9 install document it describes the minimum hardware requirements.

I actually stated that I was installing the latest Rocky Linux however I might take up on your suggestion. I’ll try to install Rocky 8, install the intel-microcode package and then upgrade the installation to Rocky 9

Tks :slight_smile:

Make sure to notice there is no official upgrade path from Rocky 8 to 9.

Beside if it is working with 8, the intel-microcode package will be upgraded in 9 so your system (most likely) won’t boot anymore.

Does “Intel 4th Gen” mean something released about ten years ago?
Are there Intel CPUs released after 2009 that do not fulfill the needs of x86_64-v2 microarchitecture?

Nevertheless, Rocky 8 and Rocky 9 are two distinct distros – there is no supported in-place conversion from one to the other.

RL8 does not work either. I guess I must try something else. Thank you all for your assistance :slight_smile: