Rocky 9 on Lenovo Legion Y530

Hello to all,

I 've tried installing Ubuntu & Pop several times but i 've always had issues with wifi card and the CPU fans which don’t stop fully working (and in a gaming laptop that means a lot of noise)

Currently i am downloading latest Rocky version and will try checking particularly for the wifi access, although in a previous installation in other distros (Pop) wifi stopped working after install, even though it was working perfectly during the live check from the usb

Has anyone tried Rocky 9 or any older verison in a Lenovo Legion Y530 to share his experiences?

Thank you for your time

What processor is it? If AMD Ryzen it could be because kernel 5.14 doesn’t quite support them in which case you can enable elrepo-kernel and install kernel-ml package which is kernel 6.0.x. Some others have posted here that the CPU fans go non-stop on earlier kernels.

dnf install elrepo-release
dnf install kernel-ml --enablerepo=elrepo-kernel
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There are multiple generations of AMD Ryzen, ‘lscpu’ will help identify.

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Thanks for replying and for your time
It’s a Intel i5-8300H, 2.30GHz.
So your advice is to install elrepo-kernel and install kernel-ml package?
I 'll give it a try.
(It 's irrelevant but I think that in one of my attempts (using Ubuntu) although everything seemed to worked fine (except the fans) once updated kernel I 've lost wifi)
Anyway… will try your advice in a quick install through a usb to check.
Thank you

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I noticed some changes in Rocky 9.1 related to AMD fans, not sure if Intel has similar changes.

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