Installing Chinese input method on RL 9.4 and the Mate desktop

I used the fcitx input method on CentOS 7 but it seems fcitx is not available for RL 9. What do people use for Chinese, or CJK, character input on RL 9.4 in the Mate environment? I can choose Chinese keyboard layout in the keyboard configuration but that does not offer an input method, eg. pinyin.

You might want to try:

$ sudo dnf install @input-methods

Thank you! Just installed it, now I have to figure out how to enable traditional and simplified Chinese character input using pinyin.

Would you perhaps know of a page with information?

Sorry, I cannot be of much help.

OK, I will google tomorrow.

I have only done Japanese, not Chinese, but as you said, fcitx (or fcitx5) doesn’t seem to be available for Rocky 9. I use ibus. If you use Gnome, it’s pretty simple, if you dare upset RH by using something else, it’s a bit more work. I have a page on Japanese input that is probably useful for Chinese input as well, including a section on RHEL9 and friends, at which goes through it. I hope it is helpful for Chinese input as well.

I decided I wanted to try to compile fcitx5 from source even though I do not have a lot of experience doing so. I followed the instructions on the fcitx5 page and it took me a while to get as far as to compiling fcitx5-qt but got stuck on compiling the platforminputcontext file. I have not understood how I need to fix it.

If anyone has successfully compiled fcitx5, I would love to hear!