Installation Source error

When trying to install Rocky Linux 8 on Dell Precission laptop from a bootable USB created following the instructions How To Create Bootable USB Drive Using dd Command I get Installation Source Error setting up base repository.
It can’t find the auto-detected installation media as shown in the installation guide, and when activating the network - don’t have the closest mirror option.
All and any help appreciated

Hey there @allon - what ISO are you using?

Hi Neil, the iso file I’m using is Rocky-8.4-x86_64-boot.iso

-rw-r–r–. 1 abartana dev 754974720 Jun 20 18:39 Rocky-8.4-x86_64-boot.iso

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Hi @allon -

As @tjdoyle linked in his post, the solution here would be to fill in the following to use for the Installation source:

Similarly, you could use any other mirror, including a locally copied one.

If you use media other than the boot media (DVD or Minimal) you wouldn’t need to add this in. We are looking into how we can supply the mirrorlist directly to the ISO for future builds.

Please let me know if you need any more help!



Hi Neil,
The link worked and I was able to complete the install.

Many thanks for your help.