Installation of xfburn on rocky-8-xfce-elrepo

I’ve just encountered a peculiar situation where the main xfburn dependencies, libxfce4ui,
libxfce4util, exo, and xfconf have el8 versions from the EPEL repository installed, but
xfburn itself is nowhere to be found.

It turns out that the corresponding four fc34 packages have very similar version numbers.
Therefore, a rebuild of the fc34 xfburn .src.rpm seemed appropriate.

The build dependencies are satisfied with the following install:

sudo yum install dbus-glib-devel gstreamer1-devel gstreamer-plugins-base-devel gtk2-devel
intltool libburn-devel libgudev1-devel libiosofs-devel libxfce4ui-devel
72 packages are installed in total.

The 2-step build, rpm -ivh xfburn-0.6.2-4.fc34.src.rpm and rpmbuild --bb xfburn.spec,
creates xfburn-0.6.2-4-el8.x86_64.rpm.

After a localinstall, it starts up fine.

Len E.

Encountered a problem in trying to use the as-installed xfburn package:

Immediately on start up, a message appears, “no burners are currently available”,
even though there is no media in the CD/DVD drive.

It’s the first time I’ve encountered it, but there is lengthy history of web articles about this problem.

Len E.