Install newest FireFox without losing customizations?

I’d like to install newest FireFox without losing options, bookmarks, customizations, etc. I can install the latest pre-built from Mozilla, but that seems to lose customizations. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Have you tried backing up the profile? It should be the .mozilla directory under your home directory.

You can get more information from the Firefox official documentation here.

You may find similar issues discussed here as well.

But Firefox is already supplied by the official Rocky repos.

TLDR; FF Developer edition allows updates from the help menu where the std package does not ( last I checked ) so u can always have latest version - though you will have to copy/set your profile etc at the start.

See this post for more info - I’m on 8.10 at the mo / no idea if applies to 9.x though I would be surprised if not.

I did this once, and if my memory isn’t too bad - you backup your profile in the old one, then move it into the new location, and then use “Profile Manager” to set the imported one as default.

You can start PM in 2 ways:

I got everything back, history, bookmarks, extensions, etc. :slight_smile: