Installing LibreWolf from repo intended for Fedora


We have a fedora repository available with which you can install LibreWolf. You can add it to your system and install LibreWolf by running the following commands one by one:

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

sudo dnf install librewolf

You should accept any prompts wanting to import the GPG key with the fingerprint 034F7776EF5E0C613D2F7934D29FBD5F93C0CFC3.

Would there be any problems using this repo to install LibreWolf in Rocky 8.9?

Thanks ahead of time for any help.

If it doesn’t rely on dependencies provided in the normal Fedora repositories, then theoretically it shouldn’t be a problem. If it does, then said dependencies could be newer versions than the ones provided in Rocky, and then you wouldn’t be able to install the packages.

Normally it’s not recommended to use repositories for other distributions purely for the reason it could get your system into an unstable state, or overwriting OS packages with newer ones and then causing a dependency nightmare when you then try to update your system.

Without actually adding the repository and attempting to use it, difficult to say. Perhaps build a VM with Rocky, and then add the repo and see what happens.

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Thanks very much for your quick and helpful reply. I will try it in a VM as you suggest.

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