Migrate user settings

Hi, I’m new here. I’m not in IT but an artist working in a vfx studio running Rocky Linux. Sometimes we’re moved from one machine to another (for whatever reasons I’m not privy to). ngl I found it painful to get my settings the way i like them and struggling to get them back. Last time I was moved IT was able to transfer all my settings/prefs (including the UI scaling, Firefox tabs, software (Nuke) prefs, etc.) so basically there was no difference in UX other than the hardware i was working on. It’s been done in the past and i find it difficult to believe that it’s no longer possible. Yet the ability to do this has apparently vanished from collective memory and, before concussing myself in frustration, I humbly request some help from you fine folks in this matter.

All the user-specific preferences should be stored in files within home directory of the account.
It should be quite trivial to copy files from directory in one machine to directory in another machine.

If new machine has different set/version of applications, then the new applications can use only some or none of the copied preferences. (Example: MATE desktop of el9 got odd effects from prefs done in MATE of el7.)

Thanks but no cigar apparently… i shared your response and was told “Yea thats what i did, i moved your whole home directory over to this machine. I did an Rsync too.” Still troubleshooting :confused: