Remastersys tool for Rocky

Hi, i’m currently using vm with a Rocky 8.6 image and want to migrate to a physical environment, but don’t know how. can someone please tell me how could i achive this? Thanks in advance.

I don’t know direct answer to that question.

One approach is to have a configuration management system in use. (Red Hat provides and documents Ansible.) What config management has is a “recipe” that it can “deploy”; install packages and configuration defined in the recipe, and/or ensure that system has stated packages and config.

With those one can make a fresh install and then deploy the recipe. Obviously a bare metal recipe differs from VM recipe but if neatly refactored, then the changes are focused.

To take a configuration management system into use does require initial effort, but there are many situations where ability to redeploy config is invaluable.

The user data has to be transferred somehow. One should have backups for it anyway.

Thanks, but this is not a valid aproach, due to me not being a developer, i’m just a product integration guy that has to make a “.tib” for example of this ova file to then place into a USB stick and make it work without internet. Normally i use Acronis for this purpose so i have a image from the whole system, but due to original image being in VM i need to make the snapshot from inside or look for other aproaches. But i’m not a rocky expert and don’t know what programs i can or can’t use either. Again said many thanks for your answer and sorry for my bad english.