Identify an old Apple iMac


I have a few old iMacs that I’m trying to recycle. OS X (MacOS) can’t be updated anymore on this hardware, so I’m replacing it with my custom mix of Rocky Linux + KDE. I’ve already managed to install it on two of these, and it works like a charm.

One of the machines, a 24" iMac, has a barely legible serial number:

As far as I can tell, this reads W89303U501G.

I tried to check on Apple’s serial number identification interface:

Unfortunately I got no information at all on this hardware.

Any suggestions ?

Looks like this (I just searched for iMac 24" 2.66) iMac (Early 2009) - Technical Specifications

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OK, I just found the solution. Turns out the character next to last in the serial is a T and not a 1.


Somewhere, on every Mac (or Apple product) you’ll have an A-number. Try to locate that one. It’s like: A1047. Sometimes followed by a MC-number. But, the A-number will give you the model, and then will fill in the blanks. :slight_smile:

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I found a picture simular to yours, but it shows more:

If your picture showed the left half of that… Look at the bottom right in this picture. There’s your A-number (and also the EMC).

They (the numbers) are always printed somewhere on the chassi, but it can vary. And I know on some models it’s kind of hard to find. I think some iMacs have it under the stand (the “foot”). On my old G5 it’s on the underside. On my Mac Pro, it’s in the rear. But it is there, somewhere.

This page have some of the locations covered. :crossed_fingers: :+1:

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Worth mentioning that RL 9 has higher CPU requirements due to the Intel 64 v2.0 thing that was discussed here some time ago. I had no success installing RL 9 on a 2010 vintage Mac mini with a Core 2 Duo and attribute it to that issue. With 2011 and up, RL 9 works trouble free.