I do not see my traditional taskbar

I don’t see my traditional taskbar, I just installed ROCKY LINUX 8.6, and I am surprised that it doesn’t have the traditional taskbar, which I am used to, please how can I add or restore it?

What is “taskbar”? Is it the one that shows on the left when you take mouse cursor to top left corner, or when you press Super (the Win-key).

In the login window, just before entering the password, click on the “wheel” button at the left of the Sign In button, then select a Classic session (X11 or Wayland). A menu bar at the top and a taskbar at the bottom of the screen will be displayed.

Alternatively the gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel package adds a taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Combined with the Arc Menu extension, we get a nice desktop.

yes exactly, I want to see it permanently at the bottom of my screen

thank you very much, it was just as you mentioned, I chose the “X11 Classic” option before logging in.